Meal Planning, Simplified

Do you ever feel like you spend your ENTIRE day just trying to keep up with feeding your family? Between meal planning, cooking, doing dishes, and grocery shopping - it’s a lot to keep up with. It is so worth it to feed my family real, wholesome meals (but we are only human and we do still sometimes buy frozen pizza from Costco or stop at Culver’s or Chipotle 😉). I am always trying to find ways to make things more simple. I could be like most bloggers and go into a 15-20 minute long story with anecdotes about how I do things but that wouldn’t be very simple, and simplicity is the name of my game. In short, I have this list that I look at every week when it comes time to plan meals:


Some weeks, I have all kinds of meal ideas and some weeks I sit down and am just at a loss. Having this outline helps me because I don’t have to do a lot of thinking every week. Every few months (usually with the change of seasons) I fill in some of our favorites that we like to have every week, so when it comes time to plan I really have only a few decisions to make:

  1. What kind of meat should I make for sandwiches for the week? (Most often, it’s shredded chicken).

  2. What do I want to top Wednesday night’s homemade pizzas with?

  3. What cut of lamb should we have on Thursday and what kind of side dish?

  4. What cut of pork should we have on Friday and what kind of side dish?

Here I am on August 29th, posting our Summer meal plan. Soon, I will switch this up from a lot of grilled stuff and salads, to more crockpot dishes, soups, chili, beans, and stews. We found our first Red Maple leaf on the ground this week. That’s a sure sign that soup, pumpkin, and apple will be showing up a lot on our table soon.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody!