Several years ago, I was struggling with stomach issues, autoimmune disease, sick children, and a husband who just in general did not feel good. I came across the topic of Real Food, and it has changed our family’s life!

Let our family help you feed your family well. We can provide you with high-quality, real food ingredients that you can turn into nutrient dense, healing meals.

When we began eating Real Food, we had a hard time finding milk, meat and eggs that lived up to our standards. We had both grown up on farms and could hear the land calling us back.

We wanted to help other families return to health, and make it as simple as we could. I was once completely overwhelmed at how to prepare all of our meals without Totino’s, Tyson, a microwave, and the good old Mickey D’s drive through.

If I can learn, so can you.

We would be honored to help you put simple, nutrient-dense meals on the table, using local meat, eggs, and raw dairy.

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raw dairy

Meat and eggs